Coming Soon!

Kindergarten Classroom

We are currently assessing our community’s needs and interests, as well our school’s resources, to add a kindergarten classroom. We are hopeful that God will bless us with the necessary resources to offer a rich, hands-on, excellent kindergarten program. This class will be added when we have at least seven kindergarten students. Please contact us for updates on this initiative.

Coming 2017-2018!

Coding Classes for Grades 1-8

Grades 1-8 will participate in coding classes every Wednesday afternoon. These coding skills will build onto our regular computer skills such as keyboarding, word processing, and slide presentations.

Foreign Language Class for Grades 1-8

Grades 1-8 will attend Spanish class every Wednesday afternoon. Students will be placed into a “Beginners Spanish” class, or an “Advanced Spanish” class. Home school students from our community are invited to join our Foreign Language program, for a fee.

Science Lab–Update–Completed!”

Two summers ago, we created a science lab to be utilized by every grade-level. Our creation-based science curriculum is inquiry-based; students “do” science—not “read” science.

“ByDesign” is built on a foundation of inquiry that encourages wonderment, questioning, collaboration, and exploration of multiple resources to conduct research and investigations. ByDesign focuses on the users’ experience so that all elements of the design invite, engage, instruct, and motivate students and teachers to continue learning and building their science knowledge, as well as strengthen their connections with their Creator.

To learn more about our science curriculum, watch the video below:


Additional Classroom –Update–Completed!”

We are growing every school year! To accommodate our growing student body and staff count, we added an additional classroom in 2015. Currently, we have a library, two classrooms, two resource rooms, a chapel, and a lunchroom/assembly room.